We guarantee results in hundreds of patients. Since opening in 1982, we have had a great vocation, ethics and dedication.

Cutting-edge technology to provide a level of excellence.

We have always offered competitive budgets and custom deferment systems. 


   Our Dental Clinic in Alicante is located on Calle Italia 15, 4th Left. 03003, near the old bus station in Alicante.

   You can also find information on Dental Clinic in Alicante and Chaves Ugedo under the following number 965 12 17 29.

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3D Diagnosis

   Our Dental Clinic in Alicante has a 3D imaging center, located in Avenida Oscar Esplá 26. You can visit our facilities through our website.

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   Stay informed on our specialty. In this section we will publish oral health tips, read about scientific progress and you will be able to see what's new in our clinic.

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